Vineeth Chemicals is a proprietary company set up by a young and enterprising chemical engineer, Mr.Vishwanath P.Shetty, M.E.(Chem.), in the year 1986. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of Hydrogenation Catalysts and allied products viz. Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active), Raney Cobalt Catalyst, Precious Metal Catalysts viz.Palladium/ Platinum supported on inert materials such as Activated Charcoal, Calcium Carbonate, Alumina, Barium Sulphate, Kieselguhr etc. The company is also engaged in manufacturing Nickel-Aluminium Alloy Powder (50:50 & 30:70) and Devardas Alloy. Company is also manufacturing Lindlar Catalyst which is used for selective hydrogenation of triple bond to double bond.. Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active) is company's key product and its market share is around 60%.

Company's installed capacity for Raney Nickel Catalyst (Active) is around 150 tones per annum and that of around 2400 kgs. for precious metal catalysts. Company also undertakes reactivation of Spent Raney Nickel Catalysts and recovery of precious metals from spent containing precious metal catalysts which helps the customers in a big way to bring down their cost of operation.

Company is highly quality conscious. The company has got its own R & D Center where product development and improvement is an on going activity. The R & D Center is being looked after by highly experienced technical staff. Company has got documented procedures and systems. Quality of company's products on several occasions has been proved to be superior to imported products. Company's products are accepted by large number of companies including multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Company's products other than Nickel Oxide are used mainly in the manufacture of bulk drugs, drug intermediates, aromatic chemicals, specialty chemicals, rubber additives, pesticides, dyes and dye-intermediates, fine chemicals and organic chemicals etc. where hydrogenation is the key reaction. Nickel Oxide, however, is used for imparting green shades in glass manufacture.

Company markets its products at most competitive rates. Material Safety Data Sheets are provided to customers for storage and handling. The company provides after sales service and also technical consultation to its customers.

Company is highly conscious about prevention of environmental pollution and has adopted mechanism to ensure environmental protection. Ever since its inception the company has maintained excellent industrial relations with its employees. All the employees of the company are treated like family members. The employees are periodically educated about house-keeping and safety aspects pertaining to manufacturing, storage and handling as most of the products are pyrophoric in nature.

We are leading in the manufacture of the Catalysts like Raney Nickel, Palladium products on Charcoal etc.

The Products we Manufacture are as follows:

1. Raney Catalyst(Active Nickel) (a) Fine Grade
(b) Medium Grade
(c) Coarse Grade
Aversatike hydrogenation atalyst. Can carry out almost all types of hydrogenation reactions.Can also be used for dehydrogenation and desulfurisation.
2. Raney Copper Catalyst   Used for oxidation of diethanol amine to iminodiacetic acid.
3. Raney Cobalt Catalyst  
Used for selective hydrogenation of unsaturated nitrile to unsaturated amine and reduction of di-nitriles to diamines.
4.Palladium on activated charcoal (carbon).
[Palladium content:1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D][Please also refer table for palladium on carbon catalyst]
Hydrogenation of alkene to alkanes aldehyde/ketone to alcohol,nitro compound to amino compound,Oxime to Amine etc.
5.Palladium on calcium carbonate .[Palladium content:1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D]
Hydrogenation of alkyne to alkene.
6.Palladium on barium sulphate. [Palladium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D]  
7. alladium on alumina balls[Palladium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D]  
Vapour phase hydrogenation catalyst
8.Palladium on silica  
A powerful hydrogenating catalyst useful where the reaction conditions are mild acidic in nature.
9.Palladium on Kieselguhur [Palladium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D]
For hydrogenation of products as mentioned for palladium on carbon but where filtration is a serious problem.
10.Lindlar Catalyst.
[Palladium on calcium carbonate partially deactivated by lead.]
Used for selective hydrogenation of triple bond (acetylenic bond) to double bond without carrying out further reduction to Paraffin.By using this catalyst, reduction terminatesat olefin level only
11.Pearlman’s Catalyst(20% Palladium Hydroxide on carbon)  
Debenzylation at low temperature, low pressure.
12. Platinum on activated charcoal (carbon). [Palladium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D]
A powerful hydrogenation catalyst. Useful where the reaction conditions may be highly acidic in nature.Pyridine ring hydrogenation,Reduction of Chlorinated nitro aromaticcompounds without loss of chlorine atoms.Reduction of schiff’s base.Reduction of aliphatic and aromatic nitro compounds.
13.Platinum oxide, Pto2, snuff coloured powder(adam’s catalyst),pt content ~ 84 %.  
Ring hydrogenation at low temperature and pressure.Asymmetric (optically active) hydrogenation.
14.Ruthenium on carbon [Ruthenium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or with 50% L.O.D]
Selective hydrogenation of aliphatic aldehydes and ketones.Ring hydrogenation.Reduction of glucose to sorbitol.
15.Rhodium on Alumina Powder, Rh ~ 5%  
Aromatic ring Hydrogenation.Hydrogenation of Alkenes to Alkanes.
16.Rhodium on carbon. [Palladium content : 1%,2%,3%,5%,10% etc.][Dry or With 50% L.O.D] Aromatic ring Hydrogenation.Hydrogenation of Alkenes to Alkanes.
17. Nickel – Alluminium Alloy Powder (50:50)  
Used as a in – situ hydrogenation catalyst at ambient pressure (open vessel hydrogenation)
18. Nickel – Aluuminium Alloy Powder (30:70)  
Used as an in-situ hydrogenation catalyst at ambient pressure (open vessel hydrogenation).
19.Devardas Alloy [copper : 50%] [aluuminium:40%]
Reduction of nitrozen carrying compounds to Ammonia.
20.Copper-Alluminium Alloy Powder (50:50)  
Diethenol amine to imino diacetic acid.
21.Nickel oxide. Nio(made from spen nickel catalyst)  
Used for imparting green shade in glass manufacturing and in the manufacture of nickel salts.
22. Palladium Acetate, Trimer orange brown coloured crystalline powder
[Pd(ch3coo)2]3 Pd content > 47%.
23.Palladium Blackblack powder   Pd content > 99%
24. Palldium NitrateDark Brown slurry Pd (NO3)2-xH2o Pd content ~ 40%
25. Palladium(II) Oxide,dark snuff coloured powder Pdo Pd content ~ 86%
26. Palladium(II) Chloride, Pdcl2, Brick red powder Pd content > 59.5%
27. BIS (Triphenyl Phospine) (II) chloride [(c6H5)3p)]2Pdcl2 Pd content ~ 15%
28. Diammine Palladium (II)Chloridebright yellow coloured powder
(NH3)2 Pdcl2 Pd content ~ 50%
29. Potassium TetrachloroplatinateBirght red crystals, water soluble K2[Ptcl4] Pt content ~ 47%
30. Potassium hexachloroplatinate,yellow powder, sparingly soluble in water K2[Ptcl6] Pt content ~ 40%
31. chloroplatinic acid, H2[Ptcl6] . x H2oorange mass   Pt content ~ 40%
32.Colloidal PlatinumDark black colloidal solution  
Pt content –2% to 5%As per costumer specification
33.Ruthenium Trichloride,Hydrate, Rucl3.xH2oshining black crystals, water soluble   Ru content ~ 40%
34.Rhodium Trichloride, Hydrate, Rhcl3.xh2odark violet- magenta crystals, water soluble   Ru content ~ 40%
35.Rhodium(II)Octanate, Dimer,[Rh(C5H15O2)2]2   Rh content ~ 26%
36. Silver On Allumina Balls.Balls size 1mm to 5mm as per customer specification.   Silver content ~ 5%

List of Palladium on carbon Catalysts & their Typical Applications

Catalyst Grade Palladium Content Typical Application
300 Z
Carbonyl Reduction
DehalogenationC-N and C-O cleavageAromatic and Aliphatic Nitro.
Nitroso group Hydrogenation.
300 V
C-N and C-O cleavageReduction of Olefins to ParaffinsDebenzylation
390 Z
10 %
Rosenmund ReductionRosin disproportionationDehlogenationReductive Alkylation/AminationAromatic Nitro Group HydrogenationHydrogenation of Acetylene and olefins to paraffinsHydrogenation of Aromatic Aldehyde and ketones to alcohol
390 V
10 %
153 V
20% Pd(OH)2on Carbon


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