We are authorised IRDA agent for Life Insurance Corporation of India and Oriental Insurance Company Limited with a vast experience of 15 years. In 2002 we stood No. 1 in LIC, Hyderabad Division with kind co-operation of our valuable customers. We are expecting many similar achievements.

As you are aware, Life Insurance Corporation of India covers the risk of your life for the long term welfare of your family, even after your retirement and after you. There are different policies available for different needs of people. Some of them are given below :

The Oriental Insurance Company covers the risk of your valuable holdings like Gold, Cash, Home Appliances, Vehicles and other valuable equipments and the sudden medical expenses in India or Abroad.

We can also help you in Investing your valuable earnings in effective Bonds, Funds and Shares, based on your requirements.

For More information about Policies Please visit : http://licindia.com

If you need any information regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact us.


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